UniStorm Weather System Wiki

Here you can find the latest UniStorm news and features that are being developed.

UniStorm 2.0.6

UniStorm 2.0.6 features our new Dynamic Plant Growth System. To see all it has to offer see its part of the wiki here: http://unistorm-weather-system.wikia.com/wiki/Dynamic_Plant_Growth_System

UniStorm 2.0

UniStorm 2.0 features a complete rewrite, optimizations, and tons of new features.

UniStorm 1.8.2 (For Unity 5)

* Full Unity 5 support as well as implementation of some image effects (Sun Shafts, Bloom, Blur, ect) .

* improved clouds and shader fixes for Unity 5. This update should be submitted sometime this week (3/09/2015).

* Switch to Unity 5's procedural skybox shader.

UniStorm 1.8.2


* Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow custom settings entered in the UniStorm Editor to be saved, when the UniStorm Prefab was still connected.

* Fixed the UniStorm calendar so that it now properly calculates Leap Year and how many days are in specific months. * Fixed an issue with one of the Moon's textures.

New Features:

* Added Calendar Options to the UniStorm Editor.

* Added a custom option for the UniStorm Calendar Options to create your own calendar system.

UniStorm 1.8.1

UniStorm 1.8.1 brings tons of new features, new features to the UniStorm Editor, and bug fixes. We have rewritten several algorithms to allow super clean, smooth, and non-flickering shadows. We also have DX11 support.

We will continue to add new features to UniStorm. If you have any suggestions please email us or post them to the UniStorm thread on the Unity Forums.

UniStorm 1.7.5 Brings Dynamic Clouds

UniStorm 1.7.5 is currently in development and is set to release within the next few weeks. One of the key features UniStorm 1.7.5 is bring is Dynamic Clouds. The 1.7.5 will also include many requested features from customers.

We are hard at work with 1.7.5 for UniStorm Desktop and UniStorm Mobile. It shouldn't be too much longer until everything is finished. We have some exciting new features coming to 1.7.5 and one of those features is dynamic clouds.

These videos demonstrate the new dynamic cloud system, currently in development, that UniStorm 1.7.5 will be using.These videos were recorded using only Unity Free. The game speed has been increased to see the dynamic clouds feature.

The new dynamic clouds have much more of a natural feel to that of the previous scrolling clouds. These clouds were developed to perform just as well as the cloud shaders in the past version so they should perform well on UniStorm Mobile as well. Keep in mind this new feature is still in development.


UniStorm 1.7.5 Brings Dynamic Clouds

A storm generated with UniStorm 1.7.5's new dynamic clouds. (Timelapse)


UniStorm 1.7.5 - Dynamic Clouds Day Using Unity3d Free

UniStorm 1.7.5 Brings Dynamic Clouds (Timelapse)