UniStorm Weather System Wiki

Beta Features

The beta features section will consist of cool new features that we would like multiple customers to test before we release them with the Asset Store version. These features will be independent scripts that will access UniStorm to perform awesome features such as Dynamic Wind, Dynamic Snow, and Rain on Screen Effect.

The reason these features will be in beta is because they require a bit of "hacking" the original Unity shaders. To avoid any issues we are putting these shaders/scripts through a rigorous testing phase. These features are completely optional but add really cool new features. There are more to come in the feature.

Become a UniStorm Beta Tester

In order to become a tester, you need to email us at BlackHorizonStudios@juno.com, along with your Asset Store Invoice Number for UniStorm, and tell us which beta features you would like to test. As of right now there is Dynamic Snow, Dynamic Wind, and Rain on Screen Effect. After we have verified that you are a UniStorm customer, we will send you the necessary Unity3d Package file containing the beta scripts. If you encounter any bugs, problems, or issues, you can post them here as a comment or email them to us using the email above.