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• 12/29/2014

UniStorm Multiplayer Setup

How does one setup UniStorm to work online? The documentation is very vague about it and just tell wich variable to syncronize. Can you give more details about it? Eg.: In multiplayer games, several players must be instantiated, each with their own UniStorm Prefab. But if the prefab is made a child of the player(s), then the sky is not dynamic. So what should one do? How to make the player prefab, with its own UniStorm prefab, instantiated at runtime?

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• 3/21/2015

One way is to create a Empty Game Object, wich will be the parent of the player prefab. The player itself (meaning, the object with the cameras, controllers and stuff) will be a child of this parent, same for Unistorm. If that dont work, then you gotta create a simple script to make the Unistorm prefab follow the player itself. Hiearchy would be something like this:

- Empty (name whatever you like)

-- Unistorm Prefab

-- Player itself

Unfortunately I cant tell you how to sincronize the variable. They make it seem simple, and it probably is for advanced or medium users, but for novices its no good. The manual is far to vague on that regard. HEY Unistorm guys!!! Care to shed some light on this?

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