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• 11/2/2018

integration with RTP and Uber

Before updating Unistorm I once upon a time had a couple scripts that controlled things like surface wetness and controlling options between night and day. I have been able to update my time of day functions, but I need to find a variable I once used called RainIntensity which used to be a member of the UnistormWeatherSystem_C class. Where do I currently find this variable or it's new counterpart?

in OnEnable:


    uniStormSystem = GameObject.Find("UniStormSystemEditor");

    uniStormSystemScript = uniStormSystem.GetComponent<UniStormWeatherSystem_C>();


Then later I would reference the variable I was looking for in LateUpdate


float rainIntensity = uniStormSystemScript.currentRainIntensity;


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• 7/25/2018

UniStorm and UNET?

I couldn not find any documentation or tutorial on this. I would be really thankful if someone could help me synchronize UniStorm's variables and events using UNET. Thank you in advance!
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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/8/2016

What I can remove from the project without break it?

So what is the minimal assets in the unistorm to works?
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• 5/31/2016

Black dynamic clouds after load scene in asset bundle

Well, my friend bought the UniStorm system, and we are trying to create a game where the main game scene is saved in an Asset Bundle, the problem that loading such a scene for this, a certain space occupies the area of clouds [1] where it was to be loaded, and an error that arises in the star object [2].
I thought the problem was the fog, but even changing, it does not correct. I await answers if possible :)

Error has caught in this part of code: starSphereComponent.sharedMaterial.mainTextureOffset = new Vector2 (offsetX5,0 + .02f);
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• 2/5/2016

Error with clouds with the mobile weather system

I'm getting an issue with the mobile weather system (C#)
I have a blank scene and create the weather system, clouds do not work and I have the following error in the console.

The demo scene works. Is there something I'm missing?
The error is referring to the following in UniStormMobileWeatherSystem.cs :
          heavyCloudsLayerLightComponent.materials[ materialIndex ].SetTextureOffset( CloudA, uvOffsetHeavyA );
heavyCloudsLayerLightComponent.materials[ materialIndex ].SetTextureOffset( CloudB, uvOffsetHeavyB );
heavyCloudsLayerLightComponent.materials[ materialIndex ].SetTextureOffset( CloudC, uvOffsetHeavyC );
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• 1/4/2016

Sun, Moon wrong position and size

Hello !
I would be interested in fixing wrong Postion and Size of sun ,moon axis and SUN size .
Is there a fast solution to fix this because the terrain is not the middle point between sun and moon, 
and sun is too small? or Do I have to always manually set up these things (annoying) 
before 2.0 there was not this problem.
Thank you,
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• 12/3/2015

Suggestion ... use color to differentiate the sections of the Editor

The Editor is certainly functional, but it is hard to see the divisions between Wind/Precipitation/Time of Day/etc
If they alternated slightly in their background color, it would be easier to visually see the boundaries.  You could also just change the color of the wide show/hide button for collapsing these.
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• 12/3/2015

"Please apply a C# Sun Shaft Script to your camera GameObject" -- I have TWO

I already had a first-person "player" in my game, and so I manually added the scripts I saw under the C# pre-fab's Camera to my existing camera.  This means that my Camera has two instances of the C# "Sun Shafts" script on it, with the UniStorm Sun_Moon and MoonLight dragged in to each as the "shafts caster".  
I also told UniStormWeatherSystem_C my Camera's GameObject by dragging it into the slot.
However, the error message appears indicating that the UniStorm script doesn't see this component.
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• 10/29/2015

Dynamic snow on terrain

I am using the dynamic snow prefab and unless there is something I am missing I cannot see it settling on the terrain object.
I have a snow reference in the scene and getting it to settle nicely on my placed models but the terrain is not getting any snow build up at all.
Is this something I have missed or is it not implemented in 2.06 yet?
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• 10/22/2015

Can't see stars at night.

In unity 5.2 in the stars aren't showing up at all in the game window. I can see them on the material but they aren't in the sky at all. I know that the dynamic clouds needed to be updated for DX11, is there an update for stars too?
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• 1/20/2015

Sun Shafts and 2 cameras

This Wiki is a bit tuff to navigate so this may be answered but I couldn't find it. 
First my sun shafts are crazy at all times, night or day. Is there a setting for that?
Also I heard there was some help in setting up 2 cameras, one for the long distance while the other for close, to help frame rate, yet I can't find a thing on it. 
Also is there a way for me to change from 6 pm to say 12pm on the fly? I know about speeding time up, but can time change be instant?
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• 1/3/2015

How do Weather Zones work?

Hi all,
i try to create a weather zone but the zone does not work. I can not find any documentation about this feature.
Can anyone help me?
The Weather System is working fine. It is very good!
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• 12/29/2014

UniStorm Multiplayer Setup

How does one setup UniStorm to work online? The documentation is very vague about it and just tell wich variable to syncronize. Can you give more details about it?
Eg.: In multiplayer games, several players must be instantiated, each with their own UniStorm Prefab. But if the prefab is made a child of the player(s), then the sky is not dynamic. So what should one do? How to make the player prefab, with its own UniStorm prefab, instantiated at runtime?
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• 11/12/2014

Set time of day in code

Really love the weather system! 
How do I set the time of day in code though? Just jumping to different times is fine, no transition in necessary. Here's my code, triggering the weather forecaster is working fine. 
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• 11/5/2014

Rain Collisions

Rain Splashes in 1.8.0 are disabled. I checked the check box in the Rain System. What else needs to happen?
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• 9/11/2014

Integrating UniStorm and Marmoset-Skyshop

Is there anything special on how to do this? I know skyshop asks for a panorama and cubemaps but I don't want it to effect Unistorm and how it functions.
Has anyone done this? Any help would be great on how you set it up.
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